Broken and Beautiful

Aren’t we all
a little broken?
Aren’t we all
a little beautiful too?
Aren’t we all
a little afraid
to feel what is real
and which is rare.

Forgive your loved ones!

“A Family is always the first gift you receive from almighty god but it is not the last. If the blood isn’t the kind and compassionate one, you have every right to step out, leave and choose another family, make another one who understands you and your heart.” “Family should stay together no matter what…

Teesta- a moment to reflect

Sometimes things just happen. Happens all of sudden. Suddenly that one thing happens you never thought would happen. And everything changes. Changes to better? Worst? All? Nothing? But somethings never remains the same, somethings do changes, definitely. And when things differ from your plan, the only thing you can do is surrender. Surrender to that…

In those moments…

When the darkness covers my tanned skin, When there is silence at both the stretch, And no one to hear my throbbing heartbeat. When there is emptiness sunken deep within, When my words die and tears dry, And my eyes can’t even cry. When I face difficulty to accept the change, When I know things…


Under the dark skies, I wait for the stars to shine. Deep in the mighty oceans, I believe to sail at the shore. Bird’s chirping earlier this morning, Felt like a familier song of mine. Cloudy sky and the wildest wind, At the dawn, will things be fine? With Faith, hope and I pray to…