It’s okay not to feel okay!

Good Morning everyone! We are always busy finding the normal of life. Normalising the daily routines, normalising the way you behave, normalising the way you feel, normalising what you wanna do. Normalisation comes everywhere from the start of your birth to the day and how you die, as if this is the way of living….

Make your day nice.

Struggling with our emotions is the most difficult thing one has to face in their life. The lack of freedom to express what we actually want to and to feel what we actually need to has become all blurred and difficult.Just because everything around you feels like a mess today, doesn’t want everything has to…


Just like the morning sun through our window, As they pass each high and lows liberating each cell towards the end. Your fingers move and play tricks on my mind, You spread all over my skin, leaving a trail to linger past the dawn.

My Wildflower

He grew out of nowhere like an unplanted bud grows in a pot over my balcony I watered it with love and caressed it daily with perfect light and hope and it grew and grew and grew gradually into a beautiful wildflower deep under my skin rooting around my bones I held it close to…


Shallow water too deep to drown Are you the king for your wearing this crown? Supreme, head and almighty you think you are? Just bonded with dusts that will fly away far Mixed into the lights where no one can see You will turn into stars or nothing would be Such that we know or…