In my hands.

In my hands, A shelter lies, Twinge of dry strings, Waking a firm ties. Happiness within, Security inside, A family stays here, With all their pride. In my hands, The whole land lies, Built up with nature, Fixed up all tight. Changing conditions, People’s emotions changed, But the humanity somewhere, Still lies deep within us….


It was “ME AND YOU”, I hoped it went true. When the car drive in, My hear-beat flew.                       Long drive was the plan, Your friend came along. I hugged you there and, You drove till the shore.                 Sitting…

‘*** Ek Nayi Duniya Mere Ankho Main***’’

‘*** Ek Nayi Duniya Mere Ankho Main***’’   Subha ki roshni main, Tazgi hain nayi. Lehrate hawao main, Phulo ki khusboo bas gayi. Lagne laga ye jahaa…… kuch kuch naya, Chane laga hain nasha ……kuch kuch tera. Jhumne lage mere kadam, Ab har dishao main, Sapno main par lag gaye hai, Ab har khayalo main….