Dark sky and Rainbow

Dear Readers, This small poem is a reminder for you to stay strong and hopeful until it’s time. Keep Hope. Be faithful.✨ Over the dark sky, I can see a coloured rainbow.Hidden behind the clouds, afraid to spread out.Clearing the shedding tears, eager to embrace.With the last thunderstorm, it is ready to step ahead.Let the…

Broken and Beautiful

Aren’t we all
a little broken?
Aren’t we all
a little beautiful too?
Aren’t we all
a little afraid
to feel what is real
and which is rare.

I wish I could

I wish I could write that way I think I wish I could write more about you when I write the way thoughts come gushing down to me every time I think of you and keeps me lingering until I fall asleep everything I try to whelved in my heart about the naked desires to…


Shallow water too deep to drown Are you the king for your wearing this crown? Supreme, head and almighty you think you are? Just bonded with dusts that will fly away far Mixed into the lights where no one can see You will turn into stars or nothing would be Such that we know or…

True Friendship Survives

A good friend is like a star, At times far away but never really far. Even during the darkest nights, They stands for you strong and spreads lights. Many come and go like the thin air, Which passes only once in a random fair. Some choose to stay and stick together, Even with the heaviest…