Know your ‘Anxiety’ and how to deal with it?

"Lockdown ANXIETY?" What are the Symptoms and How to deal with it? “Anxiety is an output of feelings and emotional trigger with a stimulus of unknown and a state of internal vague discomfort and diffused feeling.” says Dr. Dhruv Thakkar, a Psychiatrist from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. "MANN KI STITI / State of mind IS DIFFERENT IN DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS” Thus, every situation affects individuals in a very tailor-made level of emotions. Read more about it and How to manage during this Covid-19 Situation.

Within the depression….. An hope lies!!!

Crushed down, betrayed either, Sheds of tears prevailed neither. Bucketful of thoughts washed away with the pain, Hand full of desires drained away with the rain. Within the mid-est....an hope lies, Dreams covered with sand,                    fails to hears the cries. The red heat burning all the trust, Still the lights spread around,                     moving…