Youtube Vlog Channel: The Duo Traveller

Hello Readers, Recently I and Vivek discovered that we both love travelling and since we met we had been to various places just out of enthusiasm and gist to explore. So we decided why not create a Youtube channel where we can share our experiences and guidance for everyone so they can have the glimpse…

In My Dreams

In my dreams, I was with you. Lying on the floor covered with white sheets, drinking our favourite red wine, you singing my soulful song, smiling together for our time went wrong. In my dreams, You were with me. No distance, no work, painting my canvas with the colors of your heart, the chills on…

I Will Always Wait For You.

“Sometimes the wait is never over.” Many years, I walked with you. Now, why walking together feels strange? Many days, we spent together, Then, why now you deciding my range? Arguments and quarrels has been a part of us, But we were happily together even if nobody cared. The love you gave me I will…

Under these grey clouds

“Standing in the field of cemented walls

Staring over the uphilled pill of rocks

Thoughts wandering far far away

into the land where hearts know how to fly.