Pathways I crossed, Gave clues of your presence, You were with me Or it was just my instance. But I don’t care anymore, Because they make me smile though. All I can understand now is, Mere your name has the power to make me smile again… Posted from WordPress for Android

Reflecting self on mirror.

Starting with a simple question, “Do you feel your beautiful???” If yes than how do you know that, how did you judge and the last “Are you sure, your beautiful?” And if your answer is NO. Than why??? Why don’t you feel your beautiful? Your face is perfectly curved. You have beautiful eyes reflecting light….

Aj ka Gyaan…!!! :)

“Ohh Is that what happened to you???” “Ohh my poor little child. ” “Ohh god bless you dear” ” m feeling sorry for you..” And many more like this.. Just dump such people who speak to like this… These people have big mouth and small minds… laugh a loud at them when they show they…