Broken and Beautiful

Aren’t we all
a little broken?
Aren’t we all
a little beautiful too?
Aren’t we all
a little afraid
to feel what is real
and which is rare.

How do we accept our past?

Past can be a very tricky situation. We need to learn how to do it? As soon as we learn, the sooner we let it go… Nothing is more beautiful than you, Nothing is more real than your memories. Sometimes I do make a try to not remember our days, But nothing is more worth…

Relationship and peaceful….are related to each other!!!!

A Boy and a Girl were Playing Together, The Boy had a Collection of Marbles.. and The Girl had some Sweets with Her..! The Boy told the Girl that; “he will give her all His Marbles In Exchange for Her Sweets..” The Girl Agreed; The Boy kept the biggest and the most Beautiful Marble Aside;…