Reflecting self on mirror.

Starting with a simple question, “Do you feel your beautiful???” If yes than how do you know that, how did you judge and the last “Are you sure, your beautiful?” And if your answer is NO. Than why??? Why don’t you feel your beautiful? Your face is perfectly curved. You have beautiful eyes reflecting light….

You make me feel beautiful.

The pink flush beneath my skin, The jewel in my eyes, The curve spread across my lips, Its all because of you. My heart feels so light, Like am an angle of Christ, Enlighten from my soul, Its all because of you. People admire beauty, But you make me feel beautiful, I smile glancing over…


“Life is like a cup of tea… It’s all in how you make it…” Let the heat of love burning, Place a container of trust, Boil the faith of life in it… Fill it with understanding, To get the exact colours of life. With proper care and support, Life will become more tasty to share….