Ready to serve!

Good Morning everyone, As I read the first thing this morning that, US’s new Vise President Kamala Harris first tweet said, “ready to serve’, it got me motivated. How dedicated! She is Indian and  and Jamaican descent, which such a proud moment for all of us and becoming the vice president of the United States…

Broken and Beautiful

Aren’t we all
a little broken?
Aren’t we all
a little beautiful too?
Aren’t we all
a little afraid
to feel what is real
and which is rare.

After a long while…

I have been so bad at keeping this regular. I will not give any excuses about it. I regret it every day for not writing everyday. I apologise to you for being a lazy ass and engulfing myself entirely in this honeymoon period phase of my life. After all it was a long pending due….

Happy Winter!

Good morning everyone, I know it’s been a long time since I posted anything in these past 6 months. I got so occupied physically and emotionally that I couldn’t even spare a little energy and time to write. All wells that ends well. I am happy to announce that I finally got married to the…

My Wildflower

He grew out of nowhere like an unplanted bud grows in a pot over my balcony I watered it with love and caressed it daily with perfect light and hope and it grew and grew and grew gradually into a beautiful wildflower deep under my skin rooting around my bones I held it close to…