When trapped I feel the weight of my wings, When trapped I feel the days sleeping by, When trapped I feel we did nothing good, When trapped I feel we could have changed this. Greedily depleting everything around Little did we notice, we were digging graves One for ourself today, personalised And one for tomorrow…

On my death bed

humming an old forgotten song, thinking about you, the air turns heavier to breathe and my heart slows down. closing my eyes I remind self and smile, I have lived a life fuller than these grey clouds and have loved a heart who loved me back. And this is how full-filling my end would be….

the world is healing..?

Nothing changed the ignorant humans for years. They couldn’t stop feeding on, the world they were supposed to live. Now the earth turned his back from us. Everyone says, the world is healing, what if, this the end and payback for our deeds, what if, this is the reward to us for our ancestral doings,…

Season’s First Rain Showers

“Happy First Shower of the Season” How amazing it is to feel the earth, rejuvenating and self healing at certain time each year. it decides to shred all its old dreaded self and grow into it’s most beautiful version. Rainy season has finally began in Mumbai. We mumbaikars are rushing to make ourself a cup…

Living A Half Human Life.

“What is life without living. And what is living without a purpose. “ According to Merriam webster dictionary the definition of living is 1. having life, 2. exhibiting the life or motion of nature 3. the condition of being alive. So basically, we have to have a life, show that we are living and be alive….