Have you found your soulmate?

Have you found your soulmate? The one who feels you know from past many years the moment you meet them. You know you have been graced by his touch, the moment you hug each other for the first time. He feels what you feel. He says what you were just thinking to ask. He resonates…

Broken and Beautiful

Aren’t we all
a little broken?
Aren’t we all
a little beautiful too?
Aren’t we all
a little afraid
to feel what is real
and which is rare.

On my death bed

humming an old forgotten song, thinking about you, the air turns heavier to breathe and my heart slows down. closing my eyes I remind self and smile, I have lived a life fuller than these grey clouds and have loved a heart who loved me back. And this is how full-filling my end would be….

Know your ‘Anxiety’ and how to deal with it?

“Lockdown ANXIETY?”
What are the Symptoms and How to deal with it?
“Anxiety is an output of feelings and emotional trigger with a stimulus of unknown and a state of internal vague discomfort and diffused feeling.” says Dr. Dhruv Thakkar, a Psychiatrist from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
“MANN KI STITI / State of mind IS DIFFERENT IN DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS” Thus, every situation affects individuals in a very tailor-made level of emotions.
Read more about it and How to manage during this Covid-19 Situation.

the world is healing..?

Nothing changed the ignorant humans for years. They couldn’t stop feeding on, the world they were supposed to live. Now the earth turned his back from us. Everyone says, the world is healing, what if, this the end and payback for our deeds, what if, this is the reward to us for our ancestral doings,…