Under these grey clouds

"Standing in the field of cemented walls

Staring over the uphilled pill of rocks

Thoughts wandering far far away

into the land where hearts know how to fly.

Young Indian Women’s Heart.

hanging hopes in her Jhumkas (earings)wearing dreams on her sleevesno longer covering her identity and ecstatic persona in her dupatta (veil)she no longer hesitate to ask her thingslong or short, hairs isn't her beauty quotient anymoreshe walks with pride, hiding petite fear inside her choli (blouse or top)young indian women's heart isn't just some object…

How do we accept our past?

Past can be a very tricky situation. We need to learn how to do it? As soon as we learn, the sooner we let it go... Nothing is more beautiful than you,Nothing is more real than your memories.Sometimes I do make a try to not remember our days,But nothing is more worth than living in…