It’s okay not to feel okay!

Good Morning everyone! We are always busy finding the normal of life. Normalising the daily routines, normalising the way you behave, normalising the way you feel, normalising what you wanna do. Normalisation comes everywhere from the start of your birth to the day and how you die, as if this is the way of living….

Happy International Women’s Day.

To all the women, Somewhere down the years we have become the most challenging thing on the earth. Everyone is afraid of the next door women, the women who isn’t afraid to flaunt its skin either white or black, skinny or the curves, cutting hair to minimal or sometimes just shaving off. Everyone is afraid…


When trapped I feel the weight of my wings, When trapped I feel the days sleeping by, When trapped I feel we did nothing good, When trapped I feel we could have changed this. Greedily depleting everything around Little did we notice, we were digging graves One for ourself today, personalised And one for tomorrow…

On my death bed

humming an old forgotten song, thinking about you, the air turns heavier to breathe and my heart slows down. closing my eyes I remind self and smile, I have lived a life fuller than these grey clouds and have loved a heart who loved me back. And this is how full-filling my end would be….

Know your ‘Anxiety’ and how to deal with it?

“Lockdown ANXIETY?”
What are the Symptoms and How to deal with it?
“Anxiety is an output of feelings and emotional trigger with a stimulus of unknown and a state of internal vague discomfort and diffused feeling.” says Dr. Dhruv Thakkar, a Psychiatrist from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
“MANN KI STITI / State of mind IS DIFFERENT IN DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS” Thus, every situation affects individuals in a very tailor-made level of emotions.
Read more about it and How to manage during this Covid-19 Situation.