Life gets busy & we get busier.

Life gets busy and if you don’t take a hold of it, it gets busier and busier as day passes by. Time has been gushing by us ever since we got married. Adaptations after marriage, learning about each other, evolving together and stepping each stones towards our goals made us busier!

Our festive look!

And then one fine day when got ill due to flu, I got to wonder what are we doing… walking towards our professional goals made us spare less time and opportunities for our personal lives. We love travelling, exploring, writing and socialising… We love when we spent time together with friends and family, we love making new acquaintances and learning different cultural values and history.


During the course of time, we forgot how to balance the both.

As a newbie, we are still learning, the art of balance.
Balancing life and goals. Differentiating dreams from personal to professional and setting their priorities.

One by one, step by step: we are going to achieve all, and more importantly live all.

I am blessed to have him @vivek_anand9 as a partner, who is always there to support me, push me and uplift me when I mess up in my head between the two.

Post-marriage life isn’t cherry on the cake but it is the apple of an eye. It requires patience, commitment and lots of understanding.

Love just makes all these things easier and wonderful!

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