Love knows no boundaries

“Its was my goal to create an environment where families from both our ends post marriage can visit us & stay with us whenever one wants without been questioned.

In-laws staying at boy’s place post marriage is normal but it’s rare on the other side. In olden days, girls parents or family members where not allowed or made comfortable when it comes to visiting frequently or staying with their daughters.

The rituals continued for years but now I feel glad and happy to see so many couples erasing those differences. I see and feel so much proud of us as an adult that we want to be equal. We value both the families. We want both our parents. We want to create something new including both our sides. And these little changes making a big difference when you see in a big picture. Couples these days even-though are modernising with their lifestyle and
cultural beliefs, they are also grounded with
traditional values.

When your place becomes a commonly ground for growth and development, each member of your family have freedom to explore and
learn, trust me, you are doing so much great as a couple as well as individuals.

Create your own rituals, adapt to cultural values that grows you, modify to those your heart dislikes. Mix-up a little of what you like and create something of your own and then pass on to your family.

It’s better than building houses, providing finances luxury, knowledge to follow the race. Teach them the values, educate them with good values and beliefs, give them wisdom to choose happiness and love over hustle and social meaningless life.

Everything starts with you! Start today!

Have a nice day!


Love knows no boundaries ❤️

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