It’s okay not to feel okay!

Good Morning everyone!

We are always busy finding the normal of life. Normalising the daily routines, normalising the way you behave, normalising the way you feel, normalising what you wanna do. Normalisation comes everywhere from the start of your birth to the day and how you die, as if this is the way of living. I know normalising makes life organised, oriented and orderly for everyone, to follow the same set of rules and regulations. But what is this normal? Who created this? And why is everyone following blind eye to everything that makes you feel normal.

What I feel today is,
You can feel how ever you want until it is not harming you and your inner peace and to everyone living around. People make rules to rule! You don’t have to! Don’t rule your one precious little life.

You can feel great all the time you want. You can feel proud of what you do everyday to keep your self strong. May it be a cup of coffee when you don’t even feel like getting up from that cold & cosy bed. May it be washing your old dusty shoes you wore it on your last trek few weeks ago. May it be managing your financial budget or balancing your relationship and emotions. You can feel great all the time.

And this is what I have been living all this while. Focus on the good parts of your day; yesterday, today and day after.

Don’t fight your emotions. Live it. May it be good or bad. Too strong to hold or too low for anyone else to feel. Feel great for that fact that you feel emotions.

It’s a great deal in itself!

Have a nice day!

Let’s share one tiny moment you are proud of doing recently?

I got up early today to write! This is mine🤗 What’s yours?

It’s okay to feel great all the time!

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