Happy Karwachauth

This is an Indian Cultural rituals which is celebrated on the fourth day after the full moon or Poornima in the month of Kartik according to Hindu lunar calendar.

It is a festival dedicated to the beautiful bond of marriage, love and devotion. It reflects the unconditional love and support that beholds two soul, two people made of bone and flesh together.

If you are reading me since past, you would know that I got married last year in November 2020. And this was our first karwa chauth yesterday!

There are mythological stories educating us who can how they started celebrating this festival but very less to why it is celebrated except that “to pray for your husbands long life and how princess Veervati and her seven brothers who loved her dearly. Once, the newly-wed princess was visiting her mother. She kept a fast for her husband’s long life and would not eat till the moon rose. However, as the night fell and the moon was nowhere to be seen, she couldn’t bear to stay hungry. So her brothers shone a mirror from the treetop, making her believe that it was the moon. She ate her first morsel of the day, and after a while, she got the news that her husband had passed away. However, she would not let his body go and was adamant that he be returned. Click on the link to read the full story! ❤️ Really written so well🤗🤗🤗

After researching many articles and reading all the stories, I believe is, “Karwachauth is celebrated to express one’s love and devotion for another. May it be, man or wife, both can (should) celebrate this wonderful ritual, once a year. It is not about the hardcore, strict fasting you need to follow throughout the day (no drinking water too) but it is to appreciate the food you eat together for the entire year for all the meals, to understand patience and empathy for the ones who cannot afford the life you both are blessed with, to celebrate each moment of love and care you have for each other. And in this one day, you understand all the hardships you have dealt with in order to stay together, love together and embrace each other unskinned!

If you have noticed the wall behind our pictures!

This is our travelling wall!
We pin to places we want to go…

Travelling is something completely different to me now! Ever since he met, travel has always been in our mind and love in our heart! And now travelling just doesn’t mean visiting new places and witnessing and exploring new things but now! It is living and feeling so many fantastic and fascinating moments and experiencing all the shades of seasons and standing stronger when weathers change.

With him, I am a better evolved dream I had for my myself and together, we are going to fullfill all his dreams now! Because baby, with him all my dreams turned real! And my hearts desires nothing more….🤗

Grateful ✨

Happy Karwachauth to everyone!

Do let us know what it means to you?

Happy Writing!

Love ❤️ Jyoti🤗

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