Matheran: Lost in these moments

What is the most important thing while you travel?

For us it is to get lost in that every moment we experience something new and explore something new and at that lost moment, we find us. The real us. The real existence. The meaning of love and living!

This last short weekend trip to #matheran in Maharashtra had so much of “getting lost in” moments.

This place is famous in the name of Charlotte Lake, is surrounded 3 sides by dense forest and 1 side dam. This is naturally a dam where water gets accumulated during rains and thus becomes the source of water for the nearby villages.

Just 2.5 km from the main Market and takes around 30-45mins to walk this place. You can ride horses but we are against it so we don’t really support it. But incase you are older or have difficulty for prolonged walk, you should choose it and enjoy this beautiful place.

Don’t miss to watch the beautiful sunset from here!

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Thank you so much for your love and support.
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