Love at first…

It was a cold winter morning 
I arrived in his life
Walking in not so fancy clothes
Only a little hidden hope of finding
Love in random affairs
He opened his door with the first ring
Our eyes met and his heart started to sing
I remember it felt as if I walked into one of my wishes and dream as I sat in his drawing room
not at all feeling alien and new
He made me the morning tea for the first time though he knew cracking me wasn’t going to be easy
And his cup of tea
Only he didn’t knew that his innocent heart and anxious smile
had already knew the key
To unlock my heart and step inside me
I remember you loving me at that first sight of me
And loving you was destined
Because nothing beautiful like this happens out of the blue, unplanned and needlessly
You agreed to fly with me knowing how uncertain the sky is and would be
Without knowing anything you just followed your heart and soul
Rest is a history
Of you and me living happily married
In the same house I met
Isn’t it insane and destiny
You loved me at first sight,
I fell for you at our first flight…

Our first trip to kannur: our first flight!

These pictures are from our first random and sudden trip to Kannur, Kerala. I asked and he came. And that moment I knew, he is the one for me.

How did you find your love?

Share your story with me to spread love and never stop believing in it!

It feels so good to finally be able to pin down my emotions after years of block. Stay tuned, I have lots to express and write!

Thank You so much for keeping patience with me and my heart

Have a great week ahead!

Happy Writing

With love,

Jyoti 🤗

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