What is this feeling that we call love?

What is this feeling that we call love?
You call it friendship?
You may even call it relationship?
But what exactly is this love!

Is it when your heart dances to see that face after a long tiring day.
Is it to walk hand in hand in rains because both of you forgot to carry an umbrella.
Is it that you eat a little sweeter because he likes it that way.
Is it that when he hugs you, you forget all the reasons you have to cry for.
Is it that laugh which is contagious or the comfort you feel in his arms.
What exactly is love!
The one you met many years back, the one you just met or it is the one you never met but has never left your heart.
Is it love to love infinitely without being loved back.
Is it getting dissolved in each other madly because you just got lucky enough.

Everything you feel loved is love. Love has no definition of its own.
What is love to you?
For me, everything I feel for him is love.

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