Make your day nice.

Struggling with our emotions is the most difficult thing one has to face in their life. The lack of freedom to express what we actually want to and to feel what we actually need to has become all blurred and difficult.
Just because everything around you feels like a mess today, doesn’t want everything has to be messed inside you.
Until you start taking control of your emotions, these emotions inside you will keep controlling you and your life; today and tomorrow.
Make your bed, get up before the chaos set in, make yourself a healthy breakfast and then sit down doing whatever you like the most. Plan your day and tick each and everything step by step.
Everyday, no matter how dark it gets inside, open your eyes to see the light outside.

Once randomly I ran into this little boy who lived on the streets, he was selling handmade garlands with a big smile on his face. I asked him, “Don’t you have to study?”
He replied, “I am learning more than any lessons school can teach me, on this running streets.”
And he walked passed me smiling.

From the wisdom I felt he carried, he felt the most mature and oriented person I have met recently! He taught me to be happy and oriented. Nothing is big or small when you know it can lead you to what you want! Just do it with dedication and work hard!

Make your day nice…


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