Happy International Women’s Day.

To all the women,

Somewhere down the years we have become the most challenging thing on the earth. Everyone is afraid of the next door women, the women who isn’t afraid to flaunt its skin either white or black, skinny or the curves, cutting hair to minimal or sometimes just shaving off. Everyone is afraid and vulnerable when they see women speaking their heart out not only inside their house but also in front of millions of people. They are apprehensive to appreciate and talk about all the big and small achievements that women have milestone. They are scared when you walk with your heels higher then their standards. They are scared when you climb the Everest of your dreams. They are nervous, afraid, shocked, scared and apprehensive because they know they can never do what you are doing. Being a women is the toughest job including being a mother, sister, wife, homemaker, running a business, bleeding every month for around a week, enjoying the pain and pleasure of nurturing a life inside for nine months, following our dreams and passion and many many more. We are strong and fearless now. We know our worth and aren’t afraid to keep our heads high. We are ready to love real and really wide. We aren’t afraid to commitments and what the world would say. We are ready to laugh aloud, dance ferociously and challenge our mind, body and soul but the world isn’t! The world is still suspicious to the powers we hold within and that is why they try putting us down, emotionally. They call us names. They give us labels. They laugh behind our back and try to exploit us in public. They try to overpower us by their masculinity. They abuse us. They call us unworthy because they know shit about it and are worthless themselves. They can’t commit, they try to rape us, destroy us, demolish us, knowing nothing about the courage we hold within, the fire burning inside our soul, the strength to rise again from the ashes just like the phoenix. They forget that we are the creation and the creator of each and every breathing soul. They forget that without us, the world wouldn’t exist.

And I would take this day to say that I am so so proud of each one us. I appreciate each women, girl who is willing and living the life in her own terms and also the ones who are sacrificing it for your loved ones.

And when everyone is afraid, there are some who are continuously encouraging and supporting us. They stand behind keeping a watch when we are busy stepping ahead and following our dreams. They hold our hands more firmly when the lane suddenly gets crowded. They hugs us in distress and love us embracing all our flaws. I really wanna appreciate them too. These men remind me of the saying “Not every man will hurt you because not every man is afraid to love you.” These men are rays of hope. I am proud of you too. Continue being an inspiration for other men out there. We admire you.

And You, Women: “Be fearless and be Strong. You step out and you can achiever whatever you want in this world.”

Happy International Women’s Day!!!

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