A ray of sadness

A wide awake morning

awaiting to tie me up

in the thoughts lying in some corner of my folds,

tightly packed or might be even lost

with the glitter of sunshines

roses and smiles or maybe even in my hopes

is it because of the season, date or the time on the clock?

a flash, strumming the music of my past,

gushed with everything and I feel like I have been caught

nowhere to hide, nowhere to dump the forgotten pain

a ray of sadness and everything turns to grey

listening the blocked and unsaid remorse

my heart feels heavier which am not really proud off

loved and loving the love I got

heart and arms full, my eyes cries to stop

a stillness which feels like everything is halted and paused

slight touch on the healed scar

reminds of the time it was scared

a ray of saddness, is it really not good

to stop and appreciate the walk so far

taking the moment to embrace the pain

engulfed by the light and darkness

it isn’t really sad to be sad sometimes,

whatever we are today is because of that time.

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