Explore ‘Pavagadh and Dakor, Gujarat’ with The Duo Traveller

Maha Kali Temple, Pavagadh
Gomti Ghat, Dakor

Dear Readers,

Last weekend we went on a road trip with my family in Vasai. As told in earlier post we went because mom wanted us, the newly weds to these temples for taking blessings so when mom called us with the proposal we got quite excited about it. It was our first official road trip with the entire family. Check our youtube video on the link: vQhttps://youtu.be/rLtNXj-NkHI

Travelling Itinerary:

Travel Route: Vasai to Gujarat (central part of Gujarat: Pavagadh, Dakor)

Mode of Travel: by SUV

Distance: Vasai to Pavagadh: 424 km (8-9 hrs) pavagadh to dakor: 71 km (2 hrs approx)

We stayed there for 2 days and mostly did our travelling at night, post evening time.

Places Visited: Mahakali temple (Pavagadh), Shree Ranchoddraiji Maharaj Temple (Dakor)

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Gujarat, India: I have been travelling to this places since I was very young. My birth was a blessing my parents relieved from this Mahakali temple we visited so for my every small or big start we come here to pray and thank her for all her blessings and ask her to always shed her light upon us in the future as well. Gujarat state is famous for it’s traditional art, food and natural landscape. Asiatic lions, Rann of Katch (White Desert), colourful handicrafts, kite festivals and navratri is celebrated in grandeur. This time we tried visiting cultural places in the central part of Gujarat because with a coastline of 1600km and population of 60.4 millions, you at least require at lot more days to explore the whole state. Really, I have seen this state transform into such a beautiful and amazing place and well constructed infrastructures. Currently, it is widely known for the world’s tallest statue “The Statue of Unity” and as the home place of our former Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

“The Statue of Unity”- It is widely covered in our next vlogand we will be posting it by Wednesday evening 5.00pm

Music: Featured Music Album INDIAN DREAMS by Ashutosh on App Inshot.

Gears we use:

GOPRO hero 9 black, Iphone 7, Inshot Video Editor

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With love, Jyoti V❤️

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