Youtube Vlog Channel: The Duo Traveller

Hello Readers,

Recently I and Vivek discovered that we both love travelling and since we met we had been to various places just out of enthusiasm and gist to explore. So we decided why not create a Youtube channel where we can share our experiences and guidance for everyone so they can have the glimpse of the real life scenarios and experience the real vibe of the place.

To join in our new venture, please Subscribe to our new Channel named “The Duo Traveller” . Click on the hyperlink and connect us now…

It will be a great pleasure to make you all a part of our amazing adventurous journey ahead.

Our official profile picture which we took in Paradise Island, Maldives, visited last December.

This is a snap we took last weekend when we visited Jami Masjid, which lies in the central part of Gujarat, India. This was our first Road Trip, the full travel video will be uploaded tonight on our Youtube Channel.

This is the picture we clicked on the highest peak of Maharashtra, India- Mountain Kalsubai which is also known as Everest of Maharashtra, 5400 feet, sunrise view at 5:30am, celebrating our 2nd month wedding anniversary.

Stay tuned for more such amazing stories.❤️

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See you soon. Find our Youtube icon and also follow us on Instagram for more beautiful travel photographs and videos.

Have a nice day ahead.

Regards, Jyoti V ❤️

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