Lockdown Wedding Series: Season 1.Episode 1. Make up and Mix-up

Episode 1: Make-up and Mix-up

The day: It was 25th November 2020, Wednesday; after packing all the required dresses and jewellery for the rituals and other necessities, Dad dropped Me and one of my friend, Manali to the Wedding Hall, which was just 15 mins walking distance from my place.

It was around 4:30pm and the decorators was suppose to keep the hall ready by 4:00pm with required setups and decorations but when we reached there, the hall was deserted. So we directly went at 3rd floor where the hall was allocated for our wedding. The hall wasn’t looking the way we had asked him to do. We tried calling him but he call kept ringing. We saw few boys who were the caterers confirmed that the hall is ready and the decorator left due to some emergency at his place.

I called both my sisters, Priti wasn’t picking up as she was still busy with her promotional interview about which she was updated just earlier in the morning and when I called Rani she explained me that the decorator’s Truck got stolen post afternoon in which all our decorating materials were. So this was his best he could manage at the end moment. Instead of peach pink satin cloth with bouquets of roses and lanterns, there was white cloth with multicoloured lights and the mixed coloured rose bouquets. The entrance of the hall just had few strings of beads and the same multicoloured rose bouquets. Disappointed, I went to my room where my makeup artist was waiting.

At the end, I sat down and relaxed my self and started getting ready. Vivek’s family were suppose to reach by 5:00pm but I had no update on it. And once my sisters knew my makeover started, they hardly inform me about anything either.

Both my sisters were busy managing my dream and planned wedding while I was getting ready. Many things were running in my mind, back and forth; Mom and Dad still not completely happy because so-called relatives were unhappy with this inter-subcaste shaadi (wedding), Vivek’s side still were awkward and thus nobody informed the arrival timing of the Baraati’s (Groom and his family). Will my make-up look too loud? What is the time? 6:00? Baraati’s arrived ? Dwaar Pooja must be going on that is why no one is her. Shit! this eyelash feels too heavy. Ankita said it was easy with time. If she says, it will. She knows it. But this lenses are still uncomfortable and my vision isn’t clear yet. Hogaya? Aur kitna time? Kya hai ye sab? Is it compulsory to get ready in such a way?

Dad busy with loading and transferring all the luggage and my stuffs forgot to call and enquire. I was half done with my make-up when the third loud knock on the door got in my head as it was disturbing, ‘Who is it, now?” I screamed loudly and Vivek’s eldest brother standing outside replied calmly “we are here. Where is everyone? There is no-one to receive us at the gate.”

Awkwardly smiling “ I gave him the keys of the rooms allotted to them and called everyone one by one.

First, the hall decorator was missing and the hall didn’t look like the way it was decided. Later the guest’s arrival mixups. I was pretty excited at the start but then all my excitement turned into distress and made me anxious about the commotion awaiting to happen outside my room.

‘Jyoti, you are ready now. You can see yourself in the mirror.” Ankita, my makeup artist said and brought me back to real.

Ohh my god! I look soooo beautiful. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t but Wow! I look like some model from the wedding magazine cover. She is amazing. What a work. I love it soooo muchhhh…

“Wow, I love it. It’s perfect, Ankita. Thank you so much.’ I was still surprised. Finally, First good thing of the evening.

And this is how my wedding commenced…





For the next episode, stay tuned!!!!

Meanwhile you all can check out my wedding pictures on my Instagram page.

This is how my make up turned out at the end.

Share your thoughts about this episode and my make up 😜 also how it can be improved.

Happy Reading…

With Love, Jyoti V ❤️

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