Introducing “Lockdown Wedding Series”

Recap: So finally after a year and half year of struggles, lots of crying, misunderstanding between families, and the chaos in the society and all my extended relatives, we were finally getting married. I was finally getting married to the person I love, not from the same sub-caste (which was the reason for major issues from my side). Can you imagine? In 2020, when people were dying of corona, the only concern my family had was the sub-caste of the boy. On the contrary, his family was cool and had no demands (dowry) and issues. So, when Vivek and I gave them the ultimatum that no matter what, we want to get married to each other, they were left with no choice. They fixed the date in march but got postponed in November due to lockdown. So as soon as the unlocking procedure started, Vivek’s mom aka My SasuMaa (Mother-in-law) fixed the first day of mahurat for our wedding.

Lockdown Wedding Series

Introducing my new write up series called “ Lockdown Wedding Series” which will reflect the our real life journey and our love. This is just a medium to spread love and it’s roller coaster, adventurous and thrilling experience and challenges and also the amazing and beautiful surprises life presents before us. This is to keep you motivated and inspired to never stop believing in love and it’s extraordinary and miraculous way of living.

Episode 1: Make up and Mix-up

The day: It was 25th November 2020, Wednesday; after packing all the required dresses and jewellery for the rituals and other necessities, Dad dropped Me and one of my friend, Manali to the Wedding Hall, which was just 15 mins walking distance from my place. It was around 4:30pm and the decorators was suppose to keep the hall ready by 4:00pm with required setups and decorations but when we reached there, the hall was deserted. So we directly went at 3rd floor where the hall was allocated for our wedding. The hall wasn’t looking the way we had asked him to do. We tried calling him but he call kept ringing. We saw few boys who were the caterers confirmed that the hall is ready and the decorator left due to some emergency at his place. I called both my sisters, Priti wasn’t picking up as….. ( to be continued…)

Stay Tuned and I’ll be posting the complete story in 1.Episode: Make up and Mix-up tomorrow at 6:00 in the evening according to IST.

Super excited to share my journey!

With love, Jyoti V

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