Explore ‘Jami Masjid, Champaner’ with The Duo Traveller.

This was my first family road trip with Vivek post marriage. Mom had this mannat for my marriage that once I’ll get married she will visit Kaali Mata Temple for blessings which is located on Pavagadh Hill which is a part of Champaner-Pavagadh Archeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of amongst 114 monuments under Baroda Heritage Trust.

So once we were done with visiting the temple early in the morning, we left from there with a gist to explore the places around. And Jami Masjid was just about 5km downhill from the temple and 2km from the main entrance and also most recommended by Google. So dad drove us there. You can reached there by within 10 mins and after reaching you can get a entrance ticket which is Rs.40/- for the Archeological Survey of India, Champaner Monuments which covers around 7-8 sites.

It’s was nearing to sunset and the rays of the sun made the place look mesmerising. I would recommend it to be visited during this time of the day. There is an entrance wall surrounding the place from all the side. As you start walking inside, both the side of the pathway is filled with huge trees and the whole place is filled with variety of flora.

Mom and Dad sat over the grass lawn to rest and we continued to explore inside. After few stairs, you will enter into a small Dome area and after that you can see the Minar or the entrance towards main Central dome and interior pillars. Everything is a blend of Jain and Muslim architecture and the design created on the walls and gate entrance were remarkable. For further details you can do a quick Google Search.

Vivek instantly went out with his GoPro capturing the place with his views and perceptions. Meanwhile I continued reading more about it’s history and culture. The monuments was built by Sultan Mahmud Begada.

From Mumbai, it will take you 9 hrs road journey to reach Champaner and if you are a travel and driving enthusiast like my papa, you can plan on visiting there on Friday evening so you can reach there mid-night or early morning, take a nap and visit the Temple as well as these beautiful monuments by the next evening and return back another day using none other our Google Map.

We also visited Kalika Mata Temple, Pavagadh Fort, Kevada Masjid, Shaher ki Masjid and Khajuraho Mosque on the same day.

Kali Mata Temple, Pavagadh
Pavagadh Temple
Jami Masjid, Champaner
Central Dome, Jami Masjid
Sisters @ Jami Masjid
Dadi explored alone before us and was waiting for us here.
Sunset from Khajuraho Mosque, Champaner
Explore Jami Masjid with The Duo Traveller.

The Duo Traveller is a newly explored and experienced collaboration, I and my forever travel partner, my husband Vivek decided to create with a scope to spread the uniqueness and our perspectives of all the places we have visited and are going to visit henceforth. Two months of our partnership, we discovered that as I like writing, he loves capturing. His underground and unexplored talent for photography and videography with my unedited and light writing makes a great fusion.

And this is going to be our way of cherishing all the time we are going spent travelling together, making each place our home. We are determined to carry our heart filled with love, minds with beautiful experiences and urge to see and explore everything created in this world.

With Love,

Jyoti Vivek ❤️

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