Ready to serve!

Good Morning everyone,

As I read the first thing this morning that, US’s new Vise President Kamala Harris first tweet said, “ready to serve’, it got me motivated. How dedicated! She is Indian and  and Jamaican descent, which such a proud moment for all of us and becoming the vice president of the United States is achieving and setting a new milestone for all gender and racial justice across the world. All boosted up and geared to start doing what I actually love to do. That is what I think will be the best way to serve myself because if I cannot do it with me, I will never be able to do it to anybody. I don’t want to waste my time and energy any more on anything that my heart isn’t happy about.

Today, I am thinking of reading the rest of my Nicholas Sparks’ and also Robin Sharma’s The 5AM club. It’s been ages I brought these books and many more but hardly could manage to complete with my Lockdown Wedding Chaos. Now when I am less occupied, mentally at peace and have ample of free time, I started reading and writing again because that is what I love to do.

Today’s To Do list Includes:

1. Reframe my new unpublished poetry book

2. Buy Vegetables from the market

3. Give cycle for repair and servicing

That’s it. keeping it short so I can manage to do it. Vivek on the other hand is still sleeping. his work from home will start from 10:00 and I need to rush to make breakfast.

Life isn’t that upside down post marriage as everyone referred! Still exploring, managing and adjusting our timing, schedules and lifestyle so we can bring out the best from eachother.

Will post my first write-up on “The Lockdown wedding series” by evening. Till then stay tuned or you can go back to reading my older posts and give me reviews. Il Appreciate it.

Have a Nice Day!

Love, Jyoti Vishwakarma

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