After a long while…

I have been so bad at keeping this regular. I will not give any excuses about it. I regret it every day for not writing everyday. I apologise to you for being a lazy ass and engulfing myself entirely in this honeymoon period phase of my life. After all it was a long pending due.

As few if you’ll might not know that I recently got married to ‘the Love’ I have always craved for. Now after a month when things are finally settled, I have so much to share with you’ll. My wedding, our honeymoon- my first international travelling experiences, my new writing projects, how great I am feeling after this new relationship came in my life.

Currently I am working on my new project- a book, which is a long pending thing I always wanted to do! And I will try to write regularly from now.

Will post more of my wedding pictures soon! 🤗

Stay tuned!

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