I wish I could

Photo by Rafael Serafim on Pexels.com

I wish I could write that way I think

I wish I could write more about you when I write

the way thoughts come gushing down to me

every time I think of you

and keeps me lingering until I fall asleep

everything I try to whelved in my heart

about the naked desires to be one

not with this body that keeps us divided

But with the inclination that attracts us

closer like the two poles of the same star

Hello Friends,

So, I am writing again after a week or so of being disappeared. I had promised myself that I will try to write at least twice a week and I was doing it till last to last weekend. lately, I resumed cycling after 10 years. Yeah, always wanted to start but never got the chance and when finally all the stars favoured into it , I injured my back by over doing it on the second day itself. Being a physio, I am managing it by myself. and I know I should have taken care while doing it but hey! I am human, I got excited and got lost in time and drove much more than I had to. But Yes, I realized my mistake and now I will always take care. Feeling better than yesterday. But still cannot sit for a prolonged period in a particular position. So il try to write as much as possible.

Hope you enjoyed the poetry above. Do let me know what you liked the most.

Thank You for reading it and if you liked it let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day ahead!

-Jyoti Vishwakarma

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