True Friendship Survives

A good friend is like a star,

At times far away but never really far.

Even during the darkest nights,

They stands for you strong and spreads lights.

Many come and go like the thin air,

Which passes only once in a random fair.

Some choose to stay and stick together,

Even with the heaviest blow and they still care.

Imprinting each other and keep nourishing our soul,

High tides won’t affect the roots that their friendship hold.

They share the same grounds not the blood in their veins,

Bringing back to each other when life chances their lanes.

Like a the shadow they are always there,

When the days turns distressed, they will come and share.

Maybe distance away sometimes but that will not stop them,

Your one call out and they will be always there.

All these people in the frame with me above are my good friend.

They are my stars. And I am lucky to have my sky full of stars.💖

I hope you guys, have your stars. I hope you guys are the stars.

Have a nice day!

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