On my death bed

humming an old forgotten

song, thinking about you,

the air turns heavier to breathe

and my heart slows down.

closing my eyes I remind self and smile,

I have lived a life fuller than these grey

clouds and have loved a heart

who loved me back.

And this is how full-filling my end would be. Or our life should be. We would smile and let everything pass by through our eyes to our heart and then reflect back into the thin air in the world. I will become a memory. You will become a memory. Lets become a memory worth remembering.

Live everyday with such a belief and fulfilling moments that you don’t have to regret when you are old and grey. Live each day as it comes. Laugh louder, smile broader and hug for another long minutes.

Express and share everything with your loved and closed ones. Because at the end, life happens in these unknown moments…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. vivek singh says:

    Yes something like this and even better ❤️❤️❤️ that’s how our life would be🤗


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