Happy Guru Purnima

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णु र्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः गुरु साक्षात परब्रह्मा तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः

“GururBrahma GururVishnu GururDevo Maheshwaraha

Guru Saakshaat ParaBrahma Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha”

Guru is the Creator, Guru is the Preserver, GuruDeva is Destroyer. Guru is the absolute Lord himself, Salutations to that Sri Guru- This is an english translation to the above mentioned shlok.

This day is also known as Vyasa Jayanti 2020. It is the day when this sage was born and also the day when he divided the Vedas. Vedas are the large body of religious texts originating in ancient India. It is the base from where Sanskrit is originated and where hinduism is rooted.

This full moon day is also known as Vyasa Purnima, named after the great sage Veda Vyasa who is the author of great Mahabharata.

Guru Vyasa

About the Sage: Sage Veda Vyasa is greeted and believed as one of the greatest and most learned and worshipped gurus to have been born on earth. He wrote the captivating Indian epic, the Mahabharata. And Lord Ganesha wrote the mighty book while he narrated the great story of Dhrama, Karma and Duty.

Fable mention that sage Veda Vyasa was born to Maharishi Parashar and Devi Satyavati on the Purnima- the full moon day in the month of Ashadha in an island. Therefore, he is also called Krishna Dvaipayana (where Krishna refers to his complexion and Dvaipayana means island). Moreover, sage Veda Vyasa is considered to be one of those who have attained immortality.

Some other important events of this day:

  1. In yogic lore, it is said that Guru Purnima was the day when Lord Shiva become the Adi Guru, or the first Guru.
Shiva- The First yogi

Story: Over 15,000 years ago, a Yogi appeared in the upper regions of the Himalayas. No one knew from where he came from, no one knew his true self. He felt extraordinary in an ordinary life form and body. He was devoid of life but the ecstasy of emotions was noted occasionally by his followers. Many drifted away with time except the seven men who decided to stay forever with him and attain the expression he was experiencing. He strayed him away but they stayed. After 84 years of devotion, the yogi looked at them with affection and shed his light.

On this day, he turned south and sat as a Guru to these seven men. Shiva the Adiyogi (the first yogi) thus becoming the Adi Guru. The seven men later became disciples and the Saptarishis who spread his knowledge of living to the world. Guru Purnima holds sacred in the yogic tradition because the Adiyogi enlightened the possibility for a human being to evolve consciously. The seven different aspects of yoga that were put in these seven individuals became the foundation for the seven basic forms of yoga that we humans still endure.

2. Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment on this day and is known to spread the dharma across the world. He became a preacher originating the Buddhism.

“Radiate boundless love towards the entire world- Above, below, across- unhindered, without ill will, without enmity”

-Gautam Buddha


Saat samandar ki masi karun, lekhni karun banrai|
Dharti ka kaagaz karu, Guru Gun likhya na jaye||


This is one of Kabir’s penned words reflecting the place of Teachers in our life. Kabir Saheb Ji says that even if I prepare ink from all the seven oceans, a pen from the wood of all the forests and write on the Earth, still it’s not possible to finish writing the Glory of my Spiritual Teacher. In this Verse, Kabir Ji tells the Magnificence of a Satguru. A Satguru ends every sorrow of a soul. His Greatness can’t be counted in any way.

And there might be many life forms who have taught us to be a human begin, we are today.

Let’s join our hands, close our eyes and bow our heads to salutation. On this occasion, I would like to thank each of my teachers who taught me all the values I am made up of. They sculptured me into a human I admire, I am proud of. All these teachers are above my god, above my parents, above the elements of nature.

“You walked in my life, disguised in different forms,

You became my guide, my preacher and my teacher.

You not only turned me into a light, who doesn’t fear darkness,

But also, into a spark to ceases the darkness.”

– Jyoti Vishwakarma

I am so proud to be your student, I am so grateful to the almighty for sending such enlightening angels in my life. You are always worshipped and prayed.

Happy Guru Purnima.

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