Season’s First Rain Showers

“Happy First Shower of the Season”

How amazing it is to feel the earth, rejuvenating and self healing at certain time each year. it decides to shred all its old dreaded self and grow into it’s most beautiful version.

Rainy season has finally began in Mumbai. We mumbaikars are rushing to make ourself a cup of tea and fried pakodas and admire this beautiful season. This year we can enjoy more serene and less dramatic part of this season by completely staying inside because of Coronavirus outbreak.

Everyone travelling to their workplace will have the oppotunity to feel the yearly situation: flooded roads, traffic and getting wet in the rains. The one’s who are working from home like me will have a better situation of enjoying this season from a distance. I feel lucky! though I think I should not.

“one such moment…”

Years after years, this season has given lot of good as well as horrifying memonts to remember. It brings backs plenty of memories in almost everyone’s life. Make a cup of your favourite beverage and sit back and cherish them, smile at them.

Many things every year but Major throwback was 26th July 2005, the unbeatable and unforgetable throughout the world. It was one such time even the world will never forget. Since I was just ten, all I remember was: My dad was stuck at his workplace on that day, everything was flooded and cars through my window were floating, trees were falling apart, few of my society dogs died and we couldn’t do anything to save them since my mom hates dogs. I had cried my heart out but nothing changed her heart, electricity was off so we sat in darkness and as the night commenced, it was a complete blackout, the rain weren’t friendlier that day. They were angry, furious, stormed out. That was hell of a day and our hearts only slowered down when my father return unharmed, the next day in the morning.

and then it was 2013 year, where everything seemed dead and lost and empty as depression has taken holds all over me. In 2014, I remember how the same raindrops filled my heart with love and purity with my first love’s return. Then 2017, It was the worst of all, I had to let him go, forever.

Last year in 2019, my days and nights were filled with lots of stressful situations at home but this year was the most fullfilling of all. I was in love again. Probably had found the love of my life, my soulmate. He came and made this season lovable again. I fell in love again with him and these rains.Those were the days when we used to meet on regular bases. Ohh, I miss him so much.

It’s 2020 and it’s raining outside. It’s raining again. Despite this Coronavirus situation made us stay at home and I am far away from him, it couldn’t stop the affection and love to florish. As it rains now, I hope the earth heals. I hope this virus weakens. I hope humans evolve into more responsible and happier beings. I hope every soul recieves the peace, he is continuously searching for.

“And let this rain drain each of your heavy emotions from your heart and fill it with freshness and greens. You continue doing your karma. Let this season do its deed.”

– Jyoti Vishwakarma

I love rainy season!

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  1. Reading and feeling it!


    1. thankyou much dear! glad you did. Welcome to my life… Stay connected.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. vivek singh says:

    Melts my heart and makes me miss you more😘😘


    1. No! can’t be. I miss you more…

      Liked by 1 person

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