Happiness is a choice. You choose to be happy. You choose to deal with every situation with a smile on your face and giggles in your heart. It is difficult but right amount of mindset will always prove to be befitting in your difficult times and pave ways to solutions and situations which will lead to happiness. Thus it is a cycle. A continuous process: “YOU CHOOSE HAPPINESS> HAPPINESS CHOOSES YOU”

Wandering lonely in wide space,

Searching for some happiness,

I admire all other birds all in a troop,

Flying in the contentment of being amongst the group.

Everyday, I sit on the tree feeling all alone,

With the hope that someday I’ll find someone,

and my loneliness will be gone.

Today, as the sun rose, I planned to fly in search for someone who isn’t lost.

I flew so far; so far, I went and reached to the land of rose.

There was a tiny little sunshine who waved differently,

It was a small purple lily waving happily.

I went to her and asked,

“How can you be so happy,

when you are all alone in the field of rose?”

She smiled and said,

“When the nature itself is with me in every form.

The air, the light, the beautiful sight and every little thing you see,

Just turn around and you will see, you aren’t really alone.”

Her words changed my heart and enlightened me,

I felt the kind of happiness that will never depart.

I returned to my home and hugged my tree,

Smiled at everything which was always around me.

And I finally realized and said to myself,

“The happiness I was searching was already there within me.”

Happiness in everywhere,

You just need to embrace and care.

– Jyoti Vishwakarma

edited this piece of prose from my post in year 2010 when I had started writing and was an ameture writer, just scribbling words and now it looks all scattered all over the page.

Trying to reform and re-edit the value and essence of emotions, I wanted to convey through them.

There isn’t anything in your life which cannot be mended. Sometimes it ends up increasing it’s beauty.

© All images Helena Perez Garcia 2020

2 Comments Add yours

  1. soumyav says:

    happiness is found within… very true!


    1. yup, its really is..
      thnks soumyav…


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