How do we accept our past?

Past can be a very tricky situation.

We need to learn how to do it? As soon as we learn, the sooner we let it go…

Nothing is more beautiful than you,

Nothing is more real than your memories.

Sometimes I do make a try to not remember our days,

But nothing is more worth than living in our shared old days.

Hiding from the world,

When self-conscious confronts me,

I can’t disagree to the fact that I was partly wrong.

The time did the trick and made me believe you can never be mine,

I pushed you away and thought everything will be fine.

Years after and I am still thinking about you.

Do you still wear full sleeve black shirt on the days you miss me?

No matter where you are,

You might be having hiccups,

I am smiling thinking about us,

And how stupid was our breakups.

I understand now, and want to love you again,

I want to live a day cherishing our old golden days.

I want to build up a castle for us this time,

I want us to believe that our love was one of its kind.

Nothing was more valuable than your kisses,

Nothing was more precious than you.

Flying away from reality and am dreaming again,

It’s surprising how nothing is more beautiful than your memories.

And I pray you love your life without me more,

And if one fine day you want to find me.

You don’t have to cross oceans,

Just stand near the shore.

And you will find me standing beside you,

Holding your hand just like before.

By Jyoti Vishwakarma.

Photo by Octavio J. García N. on

“Nothing is more beautiful than your memories…”

Long Story Short- P.S: I wrote this in the year-2018, before the last time I was pondering on every emotions I had with my ex-boyfriend, who had left years ago. The moment, the day I was writing this piece of poetry, it felt as if it was the most difficult thing I had to do. Moving away from the past and stepping in reality isn’t easy but isn’t that, the only option left when only one person decides to end any relationship.

So should the other person do or say or live? It feels devastating, frustrating and most tiring, I know. But the best thing you can do is, stop being alone. For starters, just get up and stop been a couch potato, go take a hot water bath and wear some good clothes. Girls, do a little make-up, put on your favorite shade of lipstick. Guys, shave Make tea or coffee or even a drink whatever you prefer. Call a friend, whatsapp someone you feel close to, which you won’t know because of all the emotional cloudings, call someone who listens, who is close to you, go and meet that person, anyone; friend, family, relative, extended friend, just step out and make a new acquaintance.

Starting moving forward with each day. Take one day at a time. Remind yourself to smile, everyday. take everything, every past experiences as a reference, you are going to use in future. For example; if you meet a new guy who shows seem to be interested in you. And want to approach you, know his field of interests first, know what kind a guy he is first. Take things slower this time. Feel the Vibrations. Feel the vibes and understand what is good for you. and that is how the past experiences and moments will help you dealing with your present. And that will make you acceptance towards your past. Spoiler alert: Never waste your self, just to get rid of those past feeling and memories because this kind of new memories will just add up to the misery you were feeling.

“Acceptance to our past will help you deal with your present and help you for a better future.”

-Jyoti Vishwakarma.

For any help, or incase you are searching someone to pour out your heart, text me here and we will find out an effective solution, together.

P:S- My friends tell me I am a good listener and my inner super power is to solve problems.😉

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  1. vivek singh says:

    You are always so inspiring…Giving ray of hope to others…So proud of you love❤️

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    1. Thankyou so much love😘😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

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