You suffer because…

“You suffer because

you don’t want to believe again.

You want to hold that hurtful things

because you don’t know yet how

to live without it.

And when nothing is going around,

these things helps you to

atleast feel, feel alive.

But, Believe me I have been there.

It takes alot of you and makes you empty and gives you nothing in return.

The sooner you accept, trust and

believe in your wonderful inner self,

you will be free.

You will be happy.”

You will be free,
You will be happy

7 Comments Add yours

    1. thankyou so much 😀


  1. miniworldto says:

    yeah, well said, harsh truth though i would love to stay connected make a visit is possible.


    1. Thank you dear.! I would love to, too. Do visit my page to know me more. Thanks…


      1. miniworldto says:

        Your welcome, yes indeed! 😀 stay connected


      2. yes! definately 😊


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