The Lockdown Romance

| The Lockdown Romance |

Dear Viv,

Cheers to your 1 year of this amazing journey with me😜. You told me then, you had wished for adventure before you met me. And I am aware that this one year by far has made us experience a hell lot of things. From most amazing feeling of love to the most dreadful feeling of struggle with family and society.

In this one year, time just kept flying with every overwhelming experiences coming across every single day. There were times, I wanted to give up. And there were times, You were stronger and never gave up on us. You make me more firm and I make you stronger with each emotions. And then there were times when things went out of our hand, unavoidable situations like family issues, time issues and corona virus issues. This pandemic virus not only paused our being as an individual but halted the functioning of the entire human race.
Our marriage date got postponed and our entire future plans got an unplanned interval in our life’s sequel. We couldn’t do anything. Since nothing can be done except staying at home and taking precautions. And as an Indian religious family background, staying this way was the only option.

When the entire world was afraid of this virus, our struggle of making this love marriage into an arrangement got extended. And we kept doing out bit from distance afar. From watching on Netflix, jumping from series after series to cooking together the same dish at our places to jamming on video calls to playing ludo day in and out to crying together to laughing at this situation, we were going to make this together.

And then post 3 months, you got an unexpected chance to meet me and you just did what you felt. You came driving all the way from Panvel to Vasai though you didn’t like driving much. You did that for us. You knew how much I wanted to see you. You knew this would make me a little more stronger and fit to survive the coming days. We lived so many moments in these few days. Here is a glimpse of those moment. Rani helped in creating this simple and special moments candidly almost 90% of time. And she did this amazingly.
You asked me one year back, if I will marry you? And I cherish my answer every single day.

Your Moon🤗

। The Lockdown Romance ।

This short story/Movie was shot on a single day time when he travelled for around 3 hours on motorcycle during the highly restricted time in the month of June. It has been three months and we haven’t met. Our marriage dates got postponed and we couldn’t meet. When everything was shut down and nothing was making this easier. He came the very first moment he found an opportunity.

Those 7 days we spent together at my place along with my family was magical and one of the most memorable thing ever happened to me. After struggling for one long year, I have achieved it. We did it, together. My parents had accepted not only him but also made him a part of our family. One of the achievements in my life.

Nearly, everyone cried on the day he had to leave.

And as I say and follow, “When you believe in your kind of love, you recieve that kind of love.” You Just have to be stubborn. Never give up. I never gave up on Love.

“And I found the love I was searching my whole life in him.”

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  1. Mona says:

    Very cute guys… ❤️ Really great lockdown pre wedding video… Congratulations!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thankyou so much mona🤗🙏🏻 spreading love😘😘


  2. vivek singh says:

    Dear Moon,

    The world has brought us this challenge of living afar from each other but our love is far more stronger and mature to deal with all that. With every challenge in past our love has grown even stronger than before. I have always loved you and I will keep loving you throughout this existence and beyond. Lovers always find each other beyond the laws of this universe.

    Soon we will be married and we will live together forever.

    Love you to the edge of the universe and back.


    Forever Yours,


    1. Love you more🤗😘😘😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

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