Some part of me

Some part of me is getting lost.

Some part of me is falling apart.

Some part of me cannot be repaired.

Some part of me wants to get disappear.

My eyes don’t cry anymore, it has lost its shine.

My lips are fighting every day, to fake the smile.

My ears haven’t heard you in a long time.

My soul is slowly losing its sublime.

Don’t know yet if I will ever move on.

It feels like I will never be on side of dawn.

I can sense the hollowness deep in my bone.

It’s growing deeper and soon, turns me into a stone.

I am slowly getting lost in my own darkness,

Haunted each day by my own emptiness.

But some part of me wants to feel for one last time.

So I can never forget that once you were mine.

The last bit of love for me that still runs in your vein,

Do make me feel alive again, make me go insane.

Before this part, drags me into the deepest ocean,

My heart can only be healed with your love potion.

Some part of me

4 Comments Add yours

  1. No words about inner voice. None can’t getting it.


      1. Welcome😊😊


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