In the hours of missing you.

Few old memories,

Sunk deep in my heart.

Few hidden love letters,

Kept under our old clothes.

Few sweet moments,

Makes me laugh and cry.

Few hopes in my heart,

Lingers to keep me alive.

Few promises of yours,

Still awaits to be fullfilled.

Your mischievous smile,

Brings me back to life.

Numerous dirty fights,

Reminds me of our love.

Few unsaid words,

Just faded away with time.

Few dusted gifts,

All seems worthless now,

Few moments despised,

Reminds, you are never coming back.

Few thoughts crossed,

I missed you all over again.

With these few memories,

I can live happily ever after.

“Missing someone is like being one with that element you are thinking of…In the time when you miss, you travel and become one with that element. It is that powerful and sometimes sufficient to live happily in those memories, forever…”

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    1. Thankyou so much 🙏🏻

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      1. Welcome 😊😊


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