It felt so good.

“Sometimes, some love hurts and heals in the same way…”

When you love, eventually it will hurt.
you just need to find the one worth hurting for…

I broke those strings of pearls you gave me, accidentally; on that beautiful Sunday evening.

You held my hand and made me wear it then and it reflected that beautiful sunset.

I know it made you sad. But you know what?

It felt so good. It made me feel untitled and loved.

I broke that vase; accidentally, which you handmade me, carved my name with love.

You gifted me and kissed my lips passionately and we made love on my old rugged couch.

I know it made you sad. But you know what?

It felt so good. It felt like I was released from the trapped.

I broke your heart, not so accidentally; afters years of fight and wished I had taken sooner this flight.

Years of controlled love, and I stuck around because at least there I was felt found and loved.

I know it made you sad. But you know what?

It felt so good. It felt like fresh gasps of air and freedom of my share.

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    1. Feels great to read such words. Thankyou🙏🏻

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      1. I’m regular reader to such great words. Which words create in your mind.


      2. Thank you dear. Appreciated!🤗

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      3. Welcome😊😊


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