I Love You

Do you remember the last time we met?

It feels like an era has passed but yet not completed.

A season still waits for us, to be together,

The distance you created brought us each day closer.

With each passing days, I thought I could forget you,

You wanting to defeat my love, I felt I could beat you.

Fighting, arguing, pushing each other away,

Don’t you see, you pull me closer after every runaway.

I know you love me but; Baby, I love you more,

No differences are too high for us, to get us to the shore.

You are my sunshine, my little ray of hope,

Believe it or not, together we have lots of scope.

I love you so much; you are my air of survival,

If not now, we’ll meet again someday, on top of the hill.

When the sky will be pinkish orange, waving goodbye,

Our eyes will meet and once again, our hearts will cry.

We will embrace each other and the stars will smile.

Our heartbeats will sing along under the dark sky.

So what, our love wasn’t that stronger this time.

Maybe this life wasn’t sufficient for the love of our kind.

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