A corner in my room


I sit resting my back.
On the wall.
A pillow to cushion.
I glance on the opposite,
Tracing my journey.
Remembering the moments,
When these pictures were real.
We all were real,
I smile.
Smiling to remind
that it was real.
This corner of my room,
Is my favourite spot.
This corner knows it all.
This corner where I sit,
Everyday and sleep
Every night.
This corner knows;
All my crying,
All my giggles,
All my blushes,
Late night crushes.
It has even read
the pages of my diary,
Which I write everyday.
Resting my head on them.
This corner has hugged me back,
In the time of distress.
It comforts me.
It knows me, the real me.
Sometimes it stares me back.
Questioning my innermost emotions,
Asking me what is stopping you?
Can I tell that it is you,
I don’t wanna leave?
Can I tell that it is you,
I am going to miss the most.
Will you believe me if I said,
It is you that is making it
difficult to leave?

I guess you wont!

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