Forgive your loved ones!

“A Family is always the first gift you receive from almighty god but it is not the last. If the blood isn’t the kind and compassionate one, you have every right to step out, leave and choose another family, make another one who understands you and your heart.”

“Family should stay together no matter what but only if it is bonded with love and togetherness.”

Forgive your loved ones!

Hello Family,

Every morning, I get up without the urge to step out of my room and face them. Breakfast isn’t served for me anymore. I take my tea inside my room and keep on thinking about the things that led to this. My family was so proud of me. I remember like it was yesterday, my father used to take me along to all his gatherings just to showcase me and my achievements because that directed to his effort and support for me. He used to feel proud. He used to feel happy. I think he doesn’t feel that anymore. Why?

Only because I am doing what I feel is right for me and thus everyone around. I speak, express my thoughts and objections. And for the first time, I am not going according to his plans for my life. I beg to differ. I demand to be free to choose. Free to live, my life, my way. And I am not giving up any sooner.

Because I believe that if my family is actually concerned about my happiness and well-being and loves me unconditionally, which is not. Now I can see that. Will love me back no matter what. No matter how stubborn I get to get what my heart desires. No matter how difficult it gets to live side by side. No matter how stupid I behave for the first time in my life. They will accept me. Unconditionally.

Because family is supposed to be unconditional. Unconditional love, happiness, support, care and affection. Everything should be forgiving.

So forgive your loved ones for going an extra miles to achieve something that they wanted. Forgive them for breaking your heart. Forgive them for all the chaos and ripples caused by there decision. Forgive them for been real. Forgive them for dreaming a different dream.

Embrace the difference. Embrace them.

Because by the end of the day, family is not only an important element in our lives but it is everything.❤️