Love 💕

How did you realise that he/she is the one? Was it your first time/ second date/ after your third breakup/ when you held the 10th guys hand??? When???

Nowadays; When people say love can happen again and again, many times, as many times as you wish to. I always found hard to digest it. I find it difficult to accept still.

Love being the word for such a pure form of expression of someone’s emotions. When one is in love, he will just know it. He will feel it. He will sense the sparks of love oozing out from each pores on his skin. His mind and body will be occupied all the time by that one person he is in love with. And love can happen many times, but what about the one which happens and never leaves? One which stays forever. The one which comes effortlessly and makes you weak in your knees?

When love left for the first time, it took some part of me along. And I hopelessly enjoyed being lost. Lost in space, time and emotions, completely making me detach from this world. And the idea of again being loved by someone just felt an illusion and disappointing. I never expected for such kind of love again. When I was busy, loving the life I had built up for me, he came along.

This guy came out of nowhere claiming to be in love with me and out of nothingness, he saw everything in me. His love was nothing of sort I had experienced earlier. The first time he hugged me, some cracks in me got fixed, binding the cuts of the soul which was left neglected. He felt strange but known. Meanwhile with time, I acknowledged, he was everything I had ever asked for.

Love can be in many forms. But the way he loved me so helplessly and with so much of simplicity, his love made me love him back. No kissed, nothing physical, no intimacy. His mere hugs made me fall for him. That is when I realised, hugging someone with so much of care and affection can do a lot to cure the soul. It felt as if he could feel my soul. His arms fitting perfectly around my waist, engulfing me completely. No space inbetween could breathe, no emotions could be held within.

The first time he hugged me, I knew this might last forever. And forever can be real only if you believe and want to work along.

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