Let’s be free!!!

Today; We, Indians Celebrated our 70th Republic Day.


Usually the day starts with flag hosting earlier in the morning and later the day is celebrated giving tribute and remembering our freedom fighters. Singing patriotic songs, Reciting works by famous Nationalists and later I spent time watching flag hosting ceremony live on news channels done by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi at India Gate where the glorious event is celebrated with parade which year displayed “Nari Shakti” on Rajpath with huge pomp and show in New Delhi.


On the other hand, commoners; celebrate it by wearing new white, saffron and green colored cloths, hosting flags in their localities, singing rashtra gaan (national song), seniors giving informative and moral speeches to motivate and uplift the young minds, and later organizing sports event for kids, men and womens. They enjoy the day with happy thoughts and gratitude.

With all this going around, I just wanted to say, why just be happy and empathetic for a day, why not, lets be free and grounded in our own way so we can serve and live happily and independent.

Our freedom fighters gave their lives for this day, our young soldiers are still out at the borders protecting us daily. Shouldn’t we embrace it and live to fullest? Live each day. Work harder each day to maintain the status they have set for us. Because we are more brave hearts, we should be enlightened minds too. Be free from negative thoughts, the negative thoughts that puts you aside and sad and unhappy.

Lets be free; not only physically but mentally, emotionally.

Free from grudges,

Free from helplessness,

Free from jealousy,

Free from our own cruel thoughts.

I praise all the people out there who are continuously motivating, inspiring and uplifting, everyday to stay stronger, become what we desire and be free from all the inner fear.

lets make an effort to train our minds to see clear, broader our prospective, think beyond our limits and understand each other. Lets free our own thoughts, minds Because independence comes from acknowledgment of being free and happy and living up to our own expectations, each day, in any situation.

“Azadi toh milgayi thi,

Apne apse kab azzad hoge???”

“आज़ादी तोह कबकी मिल गयी है,

अपने आपसे कब आज़ाद होंगे???” 

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