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Hello Everyone!!!

Writing after a long time here, was stuck up between many things of past and a blurred future. Meanwhile, somewhere I forgot to live in this present world. Lost tract on time when I used to end up writing everyday and be fearless with my words. But certainly once an enlightened person said, “Time is the best medicine. It heals everything.” and I realized in all these past months that actually there was nothing to heal within me instead it all kind of helped me to grow better and stronger. Never felt better than today. Everyday is a gift to me and each day ends up beautifully.

I have learnt many things in the past. but learning was never fun until I realized the main purpose of my life. In the past, everything was so narrow, self-centered and based on weak-mind with no self reflection and motive. Each day was just a another day which ended up breathing and life-less.

Since past few months, I was struggling to find the inner me, the actual real me. And always wondered about my existence in this world. And why I am, the way I am? was always a question. Growing up with so much of confusion, heart-break, responsibilities to be taken care of made me the way I have become.

Struggling from professional and personal liking made everything a mess. Neither I could performed brilliant in studies nor I ended up writing anything worth publishing. I always thought that either of the two was my destiny, later realizing; I can do both. I can be a good Physiotherapist because patients ended-up appreciating me then and continue writing a piece each day to keep the passion of writing alive. I used to post irregularly on my Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/oxymoronic_psyche/ . You can see how exploratory my journey has been till now. And I prefer it this way now. Everyday is like  a challenge to be better then yesterday. No one is my competition now, I am updating my own self on each day bases. Each day, even if I am able to achieve the little to-do things in my list of the day, I feel like a achiever. I appreciate my own self, everyday. It is a very important component in self-growth. Pat your own back when you tick a small thing in your day. Encourage your self. That is what will make you better each day, little by little. Maybe not certainly but definitely sooner. Charles Dickens said, “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” and ” we only have what we give” said, Isabel Allende, is when it hit me hard and I found the reason of my being. Whatever I have, it will be Cherish, improvised and shared into the world where it is worth sharing.

So from today, I promise to write some thing more frequently (or I will try writing whenever time permits).

Just to update:

  • Done with my Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy in 2017.
  • Currently a SEM away from completing Masters in Orthopedic-Physiotherapy. (I will be posting stuffs related to exercise, health and fitness and management for the same. Maybe sometimes certain Case to discuss and share, so everyone can understand more.)
  • I have started Writing poems, stanzas in Hindi Literature, just exploring the other side of my interest.
  • Explored many new places like Jammu-Kashmir, Varanasi, Goa in last one year.
  • North eastern part of India is in my next travel check-list.
  • Read few books written by Robin Sharma, Mein Kamph, Amish Tripathi, Paulo, etc and still many to be read on my shelf.
  • Lastly, I am the same old girl filled  with emotional tides, compassionate, philosophical, affectionate and ambitious. The only difference is now, I am stronger, more adventurous, courageous, passionate and empathetic towards life.
  • I want to be someone who can be useful in this world, because John Holmes once said, “There is on Exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

For now I will end here, saying that, “This Life is Precious. So never stop living and loving. Enjoy each moment. Live fear-less, Love, until it love hurts.” because that’s what life is all about.

Trust the Universe’s force. It will Guide you towards better.

Sayonara!!! 🙂

-Jyoti Vishwakarma.

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