​Today, while talking to one of my friend. I debated on, “I DON’T NEED AFFECTION TO SURVIVE ANYMORE.” 

Even though I won the onversation and he was satisfied with my view. Later, my instincts started questioning myself. 

And Yeah, I have to agree. Everyone needs love and affection to survive and so do I. Not the family and friends kinda love. We all do need them always in our life and I am no exceptionally different. But the love I am talking about is the soulmate, partner or the better half kind of which everyone needs in some walks of their lives. 

Even now, I have a half blur vision of the person who will be with me like always (half has the image of the past). No matter how bad or good things or situations get, he will never leave me. Stick to me like a chewing gum. It will get irritating and irrational also. Fear, Jealousy , everything will set in but nothing will keep us apart. We will be like one soul in two different being. It’s cheesy but this is how love felt once and I know, it will happen again. 

Even Today, after watching a romantic movie, I wipe my tears and smile like a fool, thinking about us and our love story. How beautiful it would have been??? So many more amazing chapters would have been written???  But no offense or regrets to anything done in past, may it be Loving you. You make me smile, even now. And that’s what reflects our love. HOPES HIGH!!! 🙂

#oncealoveralwaysalover #notthatserious #throwback #loveaffair #

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